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Immunity patches

1 package = 6 patches

Rough day at work tommorrow? Big tests coming soon? Get on track and turn on your brain with our completely natural, vegan and discreet focus patch!

Why our patches work?

The vitamin patch goes by the more technical term of "topical delivery system," signifying its method of delivering essential nutrients through the skin. This innovative approach bypasses traditional ingestion.

Our patch employs a similar mechanism. Nutrients are meticulously loaded onto the patch, which is then affixed to the skin akin to an adhesive sticker. This application enables the direct transfer of nutrients from the patch into the bloodstream through the skin, sidestepping the need for digestion.

Ablige Patches


No bad side effects like nausea

High absorption rate

Helpful for the 40 percent of adults who have trouble swallowing pills

Doesn’t affect the digestive tract

Do not contain harmful additives (sugars, fillers, artificial colors, preservatives)

Frequently asked questions

Where do I put the patch?

We recommend the inside of the wrist or forearm or any part of the body with as little hair as possible and is dry as possible. For best performance we recommend choosing venous area.

The patches are vegan, lab tested, dermatologically tested, latex and gluten free.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

It may take up to two hours for you to start feeling the effects.

Patches have many advantages, perhaps the most notable of which is that they bypass the gastrointestinal tract. Other pluses are that they do not contain gelatin, dyes, gluten, they are discreet and you have full control over their use - when you want to stop using them, simply remove them.

Of course, no problem, but we do not recommend using patches that have opposite effects (eg focus and sleep) all at once.









How to use it?

1. Peel

Carefully remove one patch from the sheet.

2. Stick

Place on a relatively hair-free part of the body (inner wrist)

3. Feel the best

After use, replace with a new patch and repeat daily.