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Welcome to the world of patches!

Every day we try to achieve our most optimal performance, and we are often limited by various factors – that’s just life, of course. If only there was something that could help us with this, and besides, it was natural, discreet, did not affect the digestive tract.. Too good to be true, and yet it already exists – Ablige patches.

Find your feel-good buddy

Energy single


6 patches

hangover cure • energy boost

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better & longer sleep • bye jet lag

Focus single


6 patches

productivity boost • finish TO-DO!


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Busy life and crazy schedules, we know. That’s why subscription plan is perfect for you! In this way, not only do you regularly take care of your best well-being, but you also save 15%!

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Whether it’s a slightly nervous start to the work week, a Wednesday with a drop in energy, or a Friday when it’s time to chill!

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Bundle lifestyle

1. Peel

Carefully remove one patch from the sheet.

2. Stick

Place on a relatively hair-free part of the body (inner wrist) 20 minutes before bedtime.

3. Enjoy

Have the best sleep of your life, then replace with a new patch and repeat daily.